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Tanner Molique

‘Gravitate’ is one of Tanner Molique early singles with smooth melodies and light snares in which he boasts about gravitating toward a lavish and successful lifestyle with the girl of his dreams. Molique uses this song as an opportunity to assert his position as an artist now and highlight the future that has envisioned for himself.


Directed by

Zain Alexander Shammas


Written by Tanner Molique

Performed by Tanner Molique

Additional Vocals by Valerie Vento

Produced by David "Eightsarewild." Rodarte

Composed by David "Eightsarewild." Rodarte

Mixed by David "Eightsarewild." Rodarte

Mastered by David "Eightsarewild." Rodarte

Executively Produced by Tharith "Jabba" Perera

Recorded at Veryspecial Studios

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